Will: Parenting at the Crossroads of Disability and Joy

Arriving the second week of February, a new book that about the joys of raising a child with special needs.

WILL Cover “Why did God allow my child to have a disability?” Parents of children with special needs often wonder whether it was God’s will for their child to develop an intellectual, physical, or spectral disorder. While this question is only natural, answers from God or anyone else are hard to come by.

In this new collection of stories from Clark Moreland, we learn that rather than answering our questions about disability and divine providence, God is often more interested in pulling us toward fellowship with Himself instead.

Journeying with Clark and his aptly named son Will through times of frustration, suffering, and uncertainty, you will not only learn to trust God and His plans, but will experience something better than understanding: joy.

Read the introduction here.